Wrecked Audi R8 Turned Into A Street-Legal Beast

2022-05-26 09:29:57 By : Mr. Chris Fan

See this high-performance Audi get a second, high-octane lease on life.

Any car that has a horsepower figure of 1,000 hp or more is going to get pulses racing. But this car might do more than that. Showcased by That Racing Channel, this is an insane street legal racer called “SuperKart”. It is a 1,500 hp stripped back monster, that has been born out of the shell and remains of a crashed and wrecked Audi R8, that was then subsequently bought from Facebook Marketplace.

Austin from Scrap Life Garage talks us through the car, and he explains that this was a 2012 Audi R8 GT. The entire engine, full car build and turbo setup is from Underground Racing. The car is currently turned down on power to make it street legal, when it's not street legal it makes up to 2,200 hp but right now it makes around 1,500 hp. It has Artronic transmission and only the casing is as it was from the factory. The guys at Scrap Life Garage have so far maxed the car out at 184 mph, but hope to take that further.

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When the engine on, it makes an utterly glorious sound befitting the original car, which was an Audi R8. The car has quite a few components from many different cars, such as the front splitter being a generic off the shelf APR carbon front splitter. The bottom lights on the car are from a 2020 Ford Mustang GT, and the actual headlights are from a tractor trailer! But the crucial thing is those are road legal headlights, and having the car road legal was always the plan from the Scrap Life Garage team.

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Even the mirrors are from a different car, these being from a Honda S2000. The car's first owner had the car bought in 2014, and then its second owner had it for six days before wrecking it. The car then sat around before its Facebook Marketplace sale, and then the Scrap Life Garage guys got their hands on it.

The idea was always to create a sort of go-kart car, and luckily the team were able to do that and create this absolutely crazy creation. If it hadn’t worked out, they’d have just sold the parts for the car to get some money out of them.

Source: That Racing Channel YouTube Channel

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